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ALPA 12 PLUS & Accessories

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Excerpt from the Press Text: The plus has the perfect shape. The Swiss know this fact and show it as a Swiss cross in their flag. You can turn it as you like - it always fits. The new ALPA 12 PLUS can also be shifted plus and minus 20 mm on each side. Stitching multiple images is a snap. Move it up and down, right and left. Besides, the latest camera body from Swiss manufacturer ALPA features an entirely symmetrical design - front and back. It's not the camera that decides what fits, but the photographic object. Even the digital back can be attached vertically and horizontally. In this way, the photographic task also becomes the determining factor for the format itself. If the image circle of the lens provides it, the multi-line stitched sensor format of 80 x 94 mm go be numerically beyond the good old roll film in 6x9 analog format.

ALPA 12 PLUS - The Allround Positive

The ALPA 12 PLUS breathes our experiences of the last 12 years with the XY, MAX, and STC. The PLUS is the camera for still and moving image - Perfect for many tasks as architecture photography, landscape, commercial tasks, studio work, and much more. All of them strongholds of ALPA cameras


  • The name PLUS is derived from the design and the symmetrical, 90° offset displacement movements, which also graphically form a plus (+).
  • The standards travel protected and optimally guided in a fixed frame and do not protrude when moving.
  • The camera provides several hard-points with a full ALPA Accessory Interface (3/8" on the body, 1/4" on both standards). For example, ALPA Silex Mk II can be mounted conveniently on the body.
  • Horizontal and vertical movement is achieved via sophisticated linear guides and a smooth-running mechanism. The position can be blocked.
  • Comfortable and fast stitching/shifting due to the simple decoupling of the standards from the /coupling to the gear shaft.
  • The travel is now 20 mm in all directions.
  • The standards are equipped with shock absorbers in all directions to prevent a fall of the lens or the digital back after an accidental decoupling of the standards.
  • The body can be used in any position (rotated 90°) and positioned optimally depending on the photographic task. It has, therefore, four individually adjustable circular bubble levels.
  • The shift guides made of brass with click stops: Since the guides are possible wear-and-tear material, they can be easily replaced by the user him/herself. Besides, the user can order variants with freely selectable click stops for even easier stitching, e.g., for landscape photography (surcharge).
  • The camera has a compact size of about 18 x 18 cm and is - as usual with ALPA - milled with the highest precision from the entire aluminum block. The camera is optimized for digital backs. Analog use is supported via the trusted ALPA 12 bodies like SWA, TC, STC, MAX. With SB17 and SB34 lenses, a film back can also be partially used with an adapter tube attached to the back.
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