ALPA Accessories Collection


We also take care of the little things and helpers. Here you will find a wide selection of helpful accessories for your ALPA equipment.

ALPA Adjustable Digital Back-Adapters

About the Adjustable Adapters

ALPA products are quality products manufactured with minimum tolerances. The standard is 1-2/100 mm deviation. However, ALPA cannot influence the sensor position of digital backs. However, a correct back focal length is essential for a reliable infinity adjustment.

To correct any deviations from the norm, ALPA introduced shimable adapters in 2004. Each adapter can be optimized in the range of +/- 3/10 mm in 1/100 mm steps utilizing shims supplied with the unit.

Another advantage of this system is that professional users with several digital backs will appreciate it: Since deviations can often occur from back to back, these errors are elegantly corrected with an optimized adapter for each digital back.

ALPA offers the individual adjustment of your adapters when you visit us in Zurich.

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ALPA Wooden Handgrips

Details to be added...

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ALPA GON Modular Tripod Head

The ALPA GON is a modular tripod head, consisting of the ALPA GON Module, the Pano Plate Module and the compact UNIQ/C dove tail tripod mount. The ALPA GON is as kit available (2 GON Modules, Pano Module and tripod mount). All modules can also be bought separately or in addition to existing equioment.

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ALPA Accessory Adapters

The little helpers in the ALPA system. They enable the attachment of various accessories, act as spacers or help to find the right horizon.

These accessory adapters all have the ALPA adapter interface with two centring pins that prevent the adapter from accidentally turning. They are usually fastened by M5 screws or can be attached directly into a 3/8" thread.

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ALPA Silex & Accessories

ALPA Silex Mk II for highly mobile use in the field and in the studio. ALPA Silex Mk II is the ultimate, individual control unit in the ALPA system. This "Swiss knife" enables direct control of lenses equipped with Sinar eShutter e125 and e250. Using ALPA ELA (Electronic Lens Adapter) Silex can also control all electronic lens modules in the ALPA system: Canon EF, Nikon E, Hasselblad H, Contax 645 and Rollei 6000 (currently no longer available).

The ALPA Silex Mk II control unit and the ALPA 12 FPS have a wide range of functions, from clever bracketing control and various shutter modes, also for digital backs with "electronic shutter", individual synchronous programs to shutter/iris and focus control. A built-in web server also allows control via a network without the need to install any software at all.

ALPA is constantly expanding the range of functions via firmware updates. The use of Sony L-Type batteries, which are available almost everywhere, also significantly reduces operating costs.

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ALPA Lens Modules

Their particular stability characterizes ALPA lens modules. These modules often feature a more sturdy construction due to the lack of simple retainer springs. Such lens modules can also tackle heavyweight lenses without micro tilting in the mount.

These lens modules have some distinctive features:
a) ALPA offers lens modules that can control the aperture and, where available (CAN, HAF), the shutter in cooperation with the ALPA 12 FPS or Silex with LEM modules.
b) The lens modules for Leica M, Nikon f manual, and Canon EF manual mount directly on any ALPA 12 body (without FPS).
c) Lens modules for adaptations with extra-large focal plane distance as the Hasselblad V and Pentax 67. These modules allow the combination of various macro- and / or tilt modules for extra flexibility.

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ALPA Macro and Multifunctional Adapters

Photographers can use the macro and multifunctional adapters from ALPA in many ways. On the one hand, they are complementary adapters for setting short barrel lenses (SB) to infinity. On the other hand, these adapters also allow an extension for larger magnifications. The tilt/swing modules also allow a focus extension, according to Scheimpflug for short barrel lenses.

Standard Version

The standard version has an interface with locking levers on one side. Therefore, they can be mounted on the front and rear of any standard ALPA 12 body or only on the ALPA 12 FPS rear. See also the short-barrel concept.

FPS Version

The "FPS" versions have locking levers on both sides. With these adapters, lenses of the SB34 type can get mounted on the ALPA 12 FPS.

Intermediate Version

The "Intermediate" version has no locking levers at all. With this type, e.g., lenses of the SB FPS type can get mounted on any ALPA 12 standard body.

Please also consult the schematic diagrams that you can access via the link panel.

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Releases and Accessories

The ALPA release solutions consists of the one-shot trigger for digital backs with wake-up functionality, the ALPA Sync Release Mk II. No other manufacturer has risk this endeavor to present a true photographic solution for this problem. On the other hand there are solutions for triggering the ALPA 12 FPS and as cross-over and only possible due to the modular ALPA system, there are the release hand-grips for IQ digital backs.

ALPA Sync Release Mk II

The ALPA Sync solution allows one-shot operation (handheld and with cable release) with most digital backs that need a wake-up on technical cameras (Phase One/Mamiya, Hasselblad). This solution can potentially cure the pink cast sometimes produced by the Hasselblad HCV-39 back (the new CFV CMOS digital backs do not need a wake-up so far). For use with all ALPA lenses with Copal 0 shutter only except Schneider Apo-Digitar 5.6/24 mm XL. Please choose the the corresponding cable type ASC-HAS or ASC-POS.

Important: The ALPA Sync Release Mk II can be operated only with the newest type of Sync Cord with built-in electronic filter.

Supported ALPA Sync Cord part numbers: 170.800.461, 170.800.462

NOT supported ALPA Sync Cord part numbers: 170.800.400, 170.800.450, 170.800.460, 170.800.498 and 170.800.499

ALPA Electronic Shutter Handgrip Kit

Some digital backs, such as the Phase One IQ3 100/100 Trichromatic, have an electronic shutter that can be triggered externally. The ALPA handgrip for electronic shutters can be attached to any ALPA 12 camera body (without FPS, SWA, WA) via the ALPA feature connector.

The configuration allows the digital back in "electronic shutter" mode to be triggered directly from Live View mode. The ergonomic handle and the modular cable set can be used in many ways and allows the user to use lighter cameras such as the ALPA 12 TC as hand-held cameras.

The modular set is supplied with a screw-in handgrip piece that allows the cable to be used as an electronic cable release.

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ALPA Tripod Mounts and Stitching Adapters

Connection to The Tripod World

ALPA focuses on the dovetail stand adapter concept. The UNIQ/C initiative of German tripod/tripod accessory manufacturers has standardized this connection system for the first time. ALPA is one of its members and only offers conforming adapters. Of course, the photographer can use any tripod connection plates since ALPA consistently uses the photographic threads of 3/8" and 1/4".

All ALPA cameras are equipped with one or more "ALPA Feature Connectors." These connectors are of the 3/8" type, whenever possible, two anti-rotation pins and two M5 mounting threads. If there is not enough space for a 3/8" thread, ALPA uses the photographic 1/4" thread. The 3/8" thread can be reduced to 1/4" with a screw-in insert. ALPA offers high-quality brass bushings for this purpose and is urgently discouraging cheap short aluminum bushings.

ALPA 12 XY (Legacy) with three overlapping ALPA Feature Connectors with 3/8" center thread.

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ALPA Protection Covers

Protection covers for ALPA bodies, lenses (LB, SB) and lens modules. Thanks to the square ALPA interface covers are interchangeable between products. Some covers are from additive manufacturing.

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