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ALPA Lens Modules

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Their particular stability characterizes ALPA lens modules. These modules often feature a more sturdy construction due to the lack of simple retainer springs. Such lens modules can also tackle heavyweight lenses without micro tilting in the mount.

These lens modules have some distinctive features:
a) ALPA offers lens modules that can control the aperture and, where available (CAN, HAF), the shutter in cooperation with the ALPA 12 FPS or Silex with LEM modules.
b) The lens modules for Leica M, Nikon f manual, and Canon EF manual mount directly on any ALPA 12 body (without FPS).
c) Lens modules for adaptations with extra-large focal plane distance as the Hasselblad V and Pentax 67. These modules allow the combination of various macro- and / or tilt modules for extra flexibility.

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