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ALPA Lens Module Canon EF manual


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ALPA Lens Module Canon EF manual - for Canon EF lenses, without aperture control

How to Operate a Canon EF lens on the Manual Mount

In many camera systems, lenses with electronic aperture control can be set to at least a fixed aperture. The lens is attached to the camera body as usual. Now set the desired aperture, press the iris button, and remove the lens with the button held down.

Usually, the aperture remains at a fixed position, and the manual Canon EF adapter allows the use of these lenses on any ALPA. The image circle limitations must be taken into account.

The adapter cannot be used with the ALPA 12 FPS. The FPS's original adapter allows a comfortable control of the aperture via FPS or Silex Mk II.

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Introduced 2020
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ALPA Lens Module Canon EF manual
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