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ALPA has been manufacturing high-quality cameras and accessories for analog and digital medium format since 1996. Over the years, ALPA has produced a wide range of photographic equipment. Much of it is still in regular production. Here you will find products that are temporarily or permanently out of production. Check equipment by serial numbers and ask us if it is a genuine ALPA product or a counterfeit, or a product created due to free riders' greed.
ALPA 12 WA with ALPA/Linhof Film Back and the Carl Zeiss Biogon 4.5/38 mm. Only two original series were ever made exclusively for ALPA by Zeiss and Zeiss and Schneider. Beware of counterfeits, brand pirates and profiteers.
©André Oldani

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Since 1996, ALPA has launched several great products. This section collects all the products that ALPA has produced or is currently not in production.

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ALPA Legacy Lenses

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