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Datasheets Zeiss Lenses Contax 645


Datasheets Zeiss Lenses Contax 645
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Datasheets of the Carl Zeiss T* Lenses for the Contax 645

April 12, 2021

The Carl Zeiss T* lenses for the Contax 645 are still an interesting focal length addition to the ALPA, even after many years. The Makro-Planar 4.0/120 mm remains an excellent lens for close-up work. For portraits, the Sonnar 2.8/140 mm offers the often sought-after reduced depth of field, and the 210 Sonnar and the 350mm Tele-Tessar offer Zeiss quality even for the digital medium format.

The image circles are at least 70 mm and completely cover 33x44 mm and 40x54 mm sensors. The longer focal lengths, in particular, allow considerable adjustment travel in some cases. The ALPA 12 FPS and Silex Mk II (together with ELA) control the electromechanical iris and the focus motor through the ALPA lens module Contax 645.

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