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ALPA Camera Bodies without Moving Front- and/or Rear Element


ALPA Camera Bodies without Moving Front- and/or Rear Element

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ALPA also offers camera bodies without movements for precisely specified purposes.

Do you want to approach the new possibilities of cameras with adjustment more cautiously, or are you looking for a camera that is as light and straightforward as possible? The ALPA 12 TC offers the beginner an easy way to switch from a 35mm camera to the high-end medium format. And because modularity is a top priority at ALPA, components can also be used later with cameras with movement.

Do you already have an ALPA with movement capability and are looking for a lightweight, compact travel camera with which you can effortlessly reuse your existing lens assortment, analog or digital back, and more?

For both cases, the ALPA 12 TC would be a safe value, serving beginners/transitioners and seasoned ALPA users alike.

Are you looking for fast exposure times to 1/4000 sec, integration into a network, and automation through a wide variety of program-supported functions? Then the ALPA 12 FPS is worth a look. Simultaneously, the FPS is a camera on its own or, with specific short-barrel lenses or macro use, a shutter module for a wide range of applications.

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