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ALPA Tripod Mounts and Stitching Adapters


ALPA Tripod Mounts and Stitching Adapters

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ALPA focuses on the dovetail stand adapter concept. The UNIQ/C initiative of German tripod/tripod accessory manufacturers has standardized this connection system for the first time. ALPA is one of its members and only offers conforming adapters. Of course, the photographer can use any tripod connection plates since ALPA consistently uses the photographic threads of 3/8" and 1/4".

All ALPA cameras are equipped with one or more "ALPA Feature Connectors." These connectors are of the 3/8" type, whenever possible, two anti-rotation pins and two M5 mounting threads. If there is not enough space for a 3/8" thread, ALPA uses the photographic 1/4" thread. The 3/8" thread can be reduced to 1/4" with a screw-in insert. ALPA offers high-quality brass bushings for this purpose and is urgently discouraging cheap short aluminum bushings.

ALPA 12 XY (Legacy) with three overlapping ALPA Feature Connectors with 3/8" center thread.

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