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ALPA Macro and Multifunctional Adapters


ALPA Macro and Multifunctional Adapters

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Photographers can use the macro and multifunctional adapters from ALPA in many ways. On the one hand, they are complementary adapters for setting short barrel lenses (SB) to infinity. On the other hand, these adapters also allow an extension for larger magnifications. The tilt/swing modules also allow a focus extension, according to Scheimpflug for short barrel lenses.

Standard Version

The standard version has an interface with locking levers on one side. Therefore, they can be mounted on the front and rear of any standard ALPA 12 body or only on the ALPA 12 FPS rear. See also the short-barrel concept.

FPS Version

The "FPS" versions have locking levers on both sides. With these adapters, lenses of the SB34 type can get mounted on the ALPA 12 FPS.

Intermediate Version

The "Intermediate" version has no locking levers at all. With this type, e.g., lenses of the SB FPS type can get mounted on any ALPA 12 standard body.

Please also consult the schematic diagrams that you can access via the link panel.

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