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ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA)


ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA)

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ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA) - for use of any electronically controlled ALPA FPS lens mount and ALPA SILEX control unit on any standard ALPA 12 camera body. Equals a 17 mm intermediate adapter.

ALPA Silex Mk II for highly mobile use in the field and the studio.

ALPA Silex Mk II is the ultimate individual control unit in the ALPA system. This "Swiss knife" enables direct control of lenses equipped with Sinar eShutter e125 and e250. Using ALPA ELA (Electronic Lens Adapter), Silex can also control all electronic lens modules in the ALPA system: Canon EF, Nikon E, Hasselblad H, Contax 645 Rollei 6000 (currently no longer available).

The ALPA Silex Mk II control unit and the ALPA 12 FPS have a wide range of functions, from innovative bracketing control and various shutter modes and digital backs with "electronic shutter," individual synchronous programs to shutter/iris and focus control. A built-in web server also allows control via a network without installing any software at all.

ALPA is continually expanding the range of functions via firmware updates. The use of Sony L-Type batteries, which are available almost everywhere, also significantly reduces operating costs.

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ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA)
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