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ALPA Lens Shades (Additive Manufacturing)


ALPA Lens Shades (Additive Manufacturing)

Product Group Description

ALPA offers a wide range of lens shades. Each individually calculated and optimized for the specific lens type.

ALPA offers a complete range of 16 types of additively manufactured lens hoodsfor all HR Alpagon and HR Alpar lenses. The subtype "0" identifies the round lens hoods when using the full image circle. Subtype "1" is optimized for sensor sizes up to 40x54 mm without or only a tiny amount of movement (especially with sensors of smaller sizes than 40x54).

Therefore: The round subtype "0" versions allow movement over the lens's entire image circle without vignetting. The rectangular subtype "1" versions offer optimum effect without movement and for sensors up to 40x54 mm. They thus block the collection of stray light in the non-visible area that extends beyond the image circle of the recording format.

Additive Manufacturing

This product is completely or partially manufactured additively. ALPA is a pioneer in additive manufacturing and is cooperating with the ETH Zurich - pd|z Product Development Group Zurich.

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