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ALPA Roll Film Backs and Adapters


ALPA Roll Film Backs and Adapters

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ALPA designed the Model 12 with the roll film backs up to 6x9 in mind. The square connection interface made it possible to leave the camera on the tripod without any changes and change the back conveniently between landscape and portrait format.

The modified Linhof Super Rollex film cassettes formed the backs, which were specially adapted for ALPA and optimized in terms of back dimensions. ALPA also created an additional alternative with the adapters MA for Mamiya RB and HO for Horseman.

The available formats were: 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8 (RB motorized), and various 6x9 formats. In cooperation with Mamiya, ALPA also offered a motorized 6x9 back based on Mamiya RB 6x8.

ALPA has also created two independent formats, 44x66 mm and 36x72 mm, based on the Linhof and Mamiya 6x8 back. These formats with an 80 mm image circle made it possible to shoot 3:2 and 2:1 images with the outstanding Zeiss Biogon 4.6/38 mm. The exceptional prime lens known from the Hasselblad SWC was available for ALPA alone as interchangeable optics.

These two formats have a distinctive contour with the four semi-circular recesses at the corners of the format, which allow these special formats to be recognized.

Today the largest of the 6x9 formats, 56 x 84 mm, is still available in the form of the ALPA Linhof 6x9 roll-film back. Please ask for the 6x7 variant.

ALPA Special Format 44x66, image taken with the ALPA Zeiss Biogon 4.5/38mm, ©André Oldani
The ALPA Roll Film Backs

The ALPA roll film backs are based on the classic Linhof SUPER ROLLEX backs but with high-precision ALPA mount and unique format frames. The frames and the reworking of the film guide rails commissioned by ALPA have further increased the precision of these excellent film backs.

The ALPA roll film backs are precise and rugged die-cast equipment featuring the most exact film flatness and easy handling film transport with the rapid advance lever. Automatic exposure counter, removable film carrier for convenient loading. Today ALPA still offers backs for 6x9 roll film type 120 with 8 frames per film roll. For the 6x7 format, please drop us a note.

Please note: The original Linhof Super Rollex backs you find second hand cannot be reworked for ALPA standards, unfortunately.

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