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ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back 6x7


ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back 6x7

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ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back 6x9 - 6x7/120 (56 x 72 mm), 10 frames.

The ALPA Roll Film Backs

The ALPA roll film backs are based on the classic Linhof SUPER ROLLEX backs but with high-precision ALPA mount and unique format frames. The frames and the reworking of the film guide rails commissioned by ALPA have further increased the precision of these excellent film backs.

The ALPA roll film backs are precise and rugged die-cast equipment featuring the most exact film flatness and easy handling film transport with the rapid advance lever. Automatic exposure counter, removable film carrier for convenient loading. Today ALPA still offers backs for 6x9 roll film type 120 with 8 frames per film roll. For the 6x7 format, please drop us a note.

Please note: The original Linhof Super Rollex backs you find second hand cannot be reworked for ALPA standards, unfortunately.

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Introduced 1998
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ALPA / Linhof rollfilm back 6x7