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ALPA HPF High Precisions Focusing Rings


ALPA HPF High Precisions Focusing Rings

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This product group consists mainly of the HPF High Precision Focusing Rings for the available ALPA lens range. Over time we have produced a wide range of these handy helpers, namely for ALPA Schneider lenses. Please ask for specific HPFs which are not listed here.

Specific photographic applications need an extremely differentiated scale focusing - e.g., when using a laser distance meter. ALPA offers with the ALPA HPF rings a unique and retrofittable solution for these requirements, which is - in contrast to other offerings - truly usable in freehand operation, which can also be used in the field without complicated translation work. The rings are available in easy to read and comprehensible meter and feet scales.

Every scale features engraved distance readings from infinity, the first five degrees, and then consecutively every five degrees up to 270 degrees. The single degrees in between are marked. If you need the full resolution, you can download the detailed distance tables for the lenses. The table also offers the corresponding metering when using the ALPA macro adapters.

For even better handling, we added the removable focusing knobs to every HPF ring.

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