Legacy Product

ALPA Apo Helvetar 5.6/120 mm


ALPA Apo Helvetar 5.6/120 mm
Legacy Product

Schneider / ALPA Apo Helvetar 5.6/120 mm

What a lens! It exceeded in some application the already gorgeous Apo-Digitar 120 mm. An initial batch was manufactured with the ALPA / Linhof helical mount but the rest featured the new helical mount with 25 mm of throw and the unique ALPA HPF type of distance scale for meter AND feet side by side.

Lens Data

Focal Length: 120 mm
Focal Length effective: 123.6 mm
Equivalent 35 mm @ 33x44 mm : 97 mm
Equivalent 35 mm @ 40x54 mm : 79 mm
Image circle: 110 mm
Shift @ 33x44 mm: horiz. 30 mm / vert. 34 mm
Shift @ 40x54 mm: horiz. 24 mm / vert. 28 mm
Close focus distance: 1.20 m
Filter thread: 67.0 mm
Best f stop digital: f 8 - f 11
Best f stop film: f 8 - f 16
Shutter: Copal 0, 1sec - 1/500sec, B, T
Product remarks: Schneider / ALPA Apo-Helvetar 5.6/120 mm aspheric, SB34, custom made for ALPA by Schneider-Kreuznach.
Including lens shade (rubber) ø 67 mm

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lens designation was AAH 120
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Technical Details

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