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Introduction ALPA Lens Module Contax 645


A new kit in town. After lenses from the Hasselblad H and V ranges, ALPA is bringing new life to another classic: With the Contax 645 module, the lenses from this legendary medium-format series can be combined with the modern ALPA 12 FPS.

October 3, 2017
Introduction ALPA Lens Module Contax 645

Lens Module for Contax 645Thanks to the appropriate module, the exclusive optics from the Contax 645 series can now also be used with ALPA cameras and modern backs. For the launch we are offering the module as part of a kit with the ALPA 12 FPS at a special low price.After lenses from the Hasselblad H and V ranges, ALPA is bringing new life to another classic: With the Contax 645 module, the lenses from this legendary medium-format series can be combined with the modern ALPA 12 FPS and a digital or analogue back. Because even once the Contax bodies slowly reach the end of their lives, the optics are still functional. ALPA previously offered a solution with the Shift Adapter Contax 645. We have now reworked this and replaced it with the new lens module Contax 645.

ALPA Contax 645 lens module.In total, nine different lenses and one teleconverter were manufactured by Carl Zeiss under the name Contax 645 until 2005. More than ten years after production ceased they still count as some of the most powerful in the market and are extremely popular. The optics have an interesting focal length and aperture, which can be used creatively thanks to the ALPA lens module.Fits ALPA 12 camerasParticularly when it comes to taking portraits, the fast lenses from the Contax 645 series show off their strengths, with their narrow depth of field. However, use of the lenses with new cameras is limited. With the adapter, ALPA is building a bridge and offering photographers the option to connect the CONTAX-645 with an ALPA-12 body.The Contax 645 lens module can be attached directly to the ALPA 12 FPS or used with another ALPA camera via the ALPA Silex control device and the Electronic Lens Adapter (ELA). This factor also makes it possible to shift,particularly with a sensor size of 34x44mm.By using an additional adapter, a film roll back or a digital back can be attached, which has an integrated electronic shutter. The IQ3 100MP backs from Phase One as well as Sinar S30 and S45 meet these requirements.

ALPA Silex and ELA on an ALPA 12 MAX.Easy to install, electronic controlWhile older lenses have to be adjusted by hand with modern cameras, photographers can use the SILEX controller or the ALPA 12 FPS camera to electronically control the optics from the Contax 645 series. This enables the electromechanical diaphragm as well as the focusing motor to be adjusted. An exception in this respect is the Apo-Makro-Planar 4/120, as it does not have any autofocus function. Setting up the module is very simple: It’s possible to use it to take photographs as soon as it is attached, and does not require any additional setting up.The module is compatible with the following lensesSonnar 2.8/140Sonnar 4/210Distagon 2.8/45Distagon 3.5/35Distagon 3.5/55Vario-Sonnar 4.5/45-90Tele-Apotessar 4/350Planar 2/80Apo-Makro-Planar 4/120Important note: The Mutar 1.4x teleconverter is the only lens from the Contax 645 series not yet covered by the module.Available individually or as kitThe Contax 645 lens module is now available. The professional price is CHF 1,993.00 (ex Works Switzerland)[|Product Page: Lens Module Contax 645 Fix]

ALPA 12 FPS /Contax 645 lens module kit.The ALPA 12 FPS is the newest camera in the ALPA family and features an integrated, electronically-controlled plane shutter that allows you to control older lenses, such as those from the Contax 645 series.ALPA 12 FPS /Contax 645 lens module kit• ALPA 12 FPS camera module with two batteries, charger and protective covers• Black handle for ALPA 12 FPS• Cable for triggering a digital back• Adapter for mounting the Contax-645-lenses• Adapter for the mounting of a digital back of your choice• ALPA dovetail adapter for tripods, square using UniQ/C-StandardThe kit is available now. The set is available at a special price of CHF 11,000.00 until ... for the launch (ex Works Switzerland, catalogue price CHF 12.000.00) [|Product Page: ALPA 12 FPS Contax 645 Kit]

ALPA 12 FPS with mounted Contax-645 module and Distagon 3.5/35 lens.With the new lens module ALPA 12 FPS, ALPA is once again making a promise to make older lenses available for use with ALPA cameras. At the same time, with these features, the camera secures photographers’ investments in older lenses, which are still of a very high quality.