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ALPA Pentaprism for ALPA 12 PLUS


A reminiscence and for improved insight in tricky situations.

September 6, 2019
ALPA Pentaprism for ALPA 12 PLUS
Newly Introduced Product

The ALPA 12 PLUS offers four individually calibrated spirit levels for optimal camera alignment. What if the camera is in a suboptimal position? What to do if the spirit level is difficult or impossible to see?

ALPA has solved this with the first pentaprism since the end of production of the historic 35mm ALPA. A reminiscence of the SLR cameras and at the same time a simple and elegant solution to the problem. The pentaprism is securely mounted in a high-end AM (additive manufacturing) housing and can be installed quickly and easily on the ALPA 12 PLUS.

The oversized pentaprism allows a comfortable and laterally correct view of the reflected spirit level. A simple mirror solution could not offer this. Besides, the photographer can easily read the projected image of the spirit level even with some offset to the optical axis.

ALPA delivers the new Pentaprisms in the sequence of orders.

Level Check with the upright pentaprism.