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ALPA Back-Adapter HAA Mk II


ALPA Back-Adapter HAA Mk II

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ALPA backadapter HAA Mk II with locking pin for Hasselblad CFV II 50c - for the Hasselblad V interface, adjustable with shim kit, max. +/- 3/10 mm in steps down to 1/100 mm, for digital backs only.

The back-mount of the Hasselblad V cameras is, or was, probably the most widespread connection for accessories and digital backs in the world. This fact made it necessary for adapters to be manufactured so that they were compatible with as many accessories as possible. One consequence of this compatibility was their often less than perfect fit with a tad of radial play. Nothing serious, but not ALPA-like.

Hasselblad has now addressed this problem with the 907x and the CFV II 50c by introducing a locking pin. Our latest adapter type HAA in version Mk II also has this pin, which guarantees an optimal fit. For older digital backs, the user can remove this pin.


  • New, removable locking pin for optimal fit with Hasselblad CFV II 50 digital backs
  • Improved inner reflex coating

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ALPA backadapter HAA Mk II
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