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ALPA 12 STC 70 mm CFV 100C


ALPA 12 STC 70 mm CFV 100C

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ALPA of Switzerland joins its medium format camera expertise with Hasselblad's sensor technology to craft a camera system renowned for its unparalleled precision, exquisite craftsmanship and timeless aesthetics. This unique combination blends Swiss manufacturing, German precision optics and Swedish photographic heritage and innovation, resulting in a device that epitomizes precision, inspiration and passion.

The Kit consists of:

  • An ALPA 12 STC camera body, designed for handheld and tripod use,
  • A meticulously crafted rosewood handgrip.
  • The ALPA STC stitching tripod adapter.
  • The ALPA Rodenstock HR Alpagon 5.60/70 mm LB lens, in aperture unit.
  • The ALPA High precision focusing ring.
  • The adjustable HAA MkII backadapter.
  • The Hasselblad CFV 100C digital back, complete with the 907X camera body.

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Introduced 2024
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Camera Kit includes ALPA 12 STC camera body, handgrip rosewood natural, stitching adapter, HR Alpagon 5.6/70 mm LB in Aperture Unit, HAA digital backadapter Mk2, Hasselbald CVF 100C digital back.
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