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Tips and tricks how to overcome shortcomings (to be enhanced).

August 2, 2016

Sometimes things do not fit or work as they should. Fortunately photographers had always to work their way around some obstacles and so useful solutions arise also from exchange of their findings between collegues - the workarounds in photo technique are legion. We started this post with the idea in mind to show helpful stuff for the benefit of everybody. So if you have a cleaver solution with a connection to your ALPA gear, please let us know and make us of our news formALPA News Form2016-08-03 Facing down/upSometimes it is needed to point the camera down or up by 180°. Not all tripod heads are able to do this easily and securely. Mounting the ALPA 12 MAX stitching adapter with integrated dove tail and ALPA interface there is a simple way to achieve this mainly with the ALPA 12 TC, STC, MAX and FPS.Product Page: [/en/article/stitching-adapter-max|Stitching Adapter MAX]

2016-05-02: External Power Solution for H3D/H4D digital backsSent by [/en/photographers/isaksson-stefan|Stefan Isaksson]The Hasselblad H3D/H4D are great cameras. Unfortunately lies the focus with those products primarily on the use with the dedicated body. And so is the power supply for that back completely linked to the original body. Here a solution how to make your own mobil power pack in a mobile, non-tethered tech cam environment using the FireWire port:Battery 8000mAh from Dynamic Perception fastened with a DuoTech strip.[|Product site]DC to Firewire 800 adaptor (Need to cut som plastic off the side to fit)[|Product site]