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Where Nasa Goes Next


Benedict Redgrove featured in a WIRED UK special with his epic work on NASA. Documented with his ALPA 12 MAX and STC.

January 3, 2017
Where Nasa Goes Next

Benedict Redgrove got featured with his images of NASA's spacecraft, robots and vehicles in an article of British cosmologist and astrophysicist Martin Rees for WIRED UK. Benedict is using ALPA 12 MAX and STC cameras.WIRED UK - November 2016: "...You are about to witness the future of Nasa. WIRED has been given exclusive access to document the space agency’s next products – as well as some classics that boldly took us here. These never-before-seen photographs are part of an eight-year project that took us deep inside its facilities. They show that, although shifts in funding priorities and the rise of commercial space travel are changing Nasa’s focus, its Journey to Mars project exemplifies how it's as dedicated as ever to pushing the boundaries of space travel. The photographs were taken by Benedict Redgrove, who visited three Nasa sites. He uses ALPA MAX and 12 STC cameras, stitching together multiple images to create photographs with an epic quality. “I shoot about 40 images,” he explains, “then layer them to achieve the highest definition.” Redgrove's project won’t be complete until 2018, but for now, immerse yourself in WIRED’s epic space journey. Ruby Lott-Lavigna..."WIRED UK was so kind to send us the complete article as high quality PDF:Where NASA Goes Next - WIRED UK, November 2016 - Full Rez 12.6 MBWhere NASA Goes Next - WIRED UK, November 2016 - Low Rez 2.9 MBLinksWIRED UKbenedictredgrove.comBenedict Redgrove on InstagramCopyrightArticle/text/graphics © WIRED UKImages © Benedict Redgrove

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