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Turner's House In Twickenham


The 2015/2016 portfolio revisited - Our featured homepage photographs in September.

September 11, 2019
Turner's House In Twickenham
Art Exhibitions

The current front pictures on our website show prominent photographs of the house of the famous English painter J.M.W. Turner. Julian Calverley documented the home in 2015/2016 at the request of the Turner Trust. For your convenience, we have listed Julian's blog entry in the link section.

Since the Kunstmuseum Luzern is showing an exhibition of Turner's works on the theme "The Sea and the Alps" until October 13, 2019, we have taken this opportunity to highlight the portfolio once again. Lucerne realized this fascinating exhibition, together with Tate London.

Julian's style of landscape photography has much in common with the drama and coloring of Turner's work. So it was only logical and appropriate to present these photographs again to a broader audience.

©Julian CalverleyFrom Julians Landscape Series

©Julian Calverley