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More Versatile Than Ever: the New ALPA GON


A high precision tool like an ALPA camera depends on perfect accessory. That is why we designed the new and highly modular tripod head, the ALPA GON.

March 29, 2017
More Versatile Than Ever: the New ALPA GON
Newly Introduced Product

Do you know what a GON is? A lot of our customers sure do: Goniometry is the science of measuring things, most common when surveying objects for example in architectural photography. In this field, GON and not degree is the standard measure unit. As we are committed to the work of our customers, we sometimes refer to them when naming our products. There are the ALPAGON lenses and our tripod heads are simply called GON.

When we recently worked on the GON, we had two main goals: Make them more versatile and adapt them to our concept of modularity. In this case, the best way to achieve this was to split the functionality of the existing levelling head into parts and add new technology. Our efforts result in a more satisfying solution for our customers. Now there is one product for each setting instead of one for all. Photographers can combine different GON into one tripod head that perfectly fits their subject.

To give you a clear picture about it, we come back to architectural photography. Unlike landscape photographers, these professionals need two image axes instead of only one (plus a ball head, e.g.). With the new ALPA GON, they will be able to achieve not only this but a very wide range of camera settings. Putting two GON together in the same direction for example will allow working with steeper angles. Besides that, if there already is a lower leveling base on the tripod, there is no need for a rotating plate. And there is more: New ALPA GON may not only act as a tripod head but also be used as a tilt mechanism for the upcoming ALPA SERPENT bellow camera. Our new GON also ties in with our efforts to comply with international standards and regulations. Like all our other products, they conform to the UniQ/C initiative.

We are confident that our new GON products will make ALPA cameras even more flexible.

With the ALPA GON on the Isle of Skye.
Summing up the new ALPA GON

...Modularity: For every function of existing Micro 3D levelling head, there now is a single product.
...Flexibility: Combining them freely will allow a perfect camera setting for any application and user.
...Compatible with UniQ/C (universal and quick coupling).
...Usable as a tilt mechanism for the upcoming ALPA SERPENT (Project temporarily suspended).
...Worldwide shipping available from May 2017. Pre-orders accepted.