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ALPA Silex Mk II - The Tech Cam Powerhouse


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November 7, 2018
ALPA Silex Mk II - The Tech Cam Powerhouse

With the introduction of the new firmware, FPS and Silex will undoubtedly become the most universal and versatile control units for the most demanding photography with technical cameras. And all this in an efficient and easy to use way. And at the moment Silex Mk II is the most reliable product on the market to operate eShutters. Brad Kaye, CI has written an informative and catchy news article about the ALPA Silex Mk II with eShutter 250. We would also like to remind you of our news article on the various shutter types and the ALPA 12 FPS. NEWS ARTICLES• ALPA SILEX MK II - The Technical Camera Powerhouse, by Brad Kaye/Capture Integration Blog• [/en/site/photographic-shutters|Photographic Shutters - ALPA 06.2018]• [/en/article/alpa-silex-mk-ii|Product Page ALPA Silex Mk II]• [/en/article/alpa-12-fps|Product Page ALPA 12 FPS]