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ALPA SILEX Mk II On Location


Alexander Schippel puts the new control unit to work.

August 29, 2018
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

In mid-July Berlin architecture photographer Alexander Schippel and Ralph Rosenbauer, Head of R&D at ALPA met in Berlin for an extensive series of tests with the new SILEX Mk II Control Unit from ALPA.This gave them the possibility to visit various prominent Berlin construction projects and to test the SILEX MK II in detail. With them three eShutter 250 lenses (32mm, 40mm and 90mm) of an ALPA 12 MAX with IQ3 100MP Trichromatic and SILEX MkII.Schippel, who has already been involved in covering the general renovation of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden (HG Merz) for seven years (Autumn 2018 at Hatje & Cantz), is currently photographing the Humboldt Forum (Neubau Stadtschloss, Franco Stella), the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Unter den Linden) with the restored reading rooms (HG Merz) and the general renovation of the Pergamonmuseum.

Ralph RosenbauerThe combination of ALPA 12 MAX and SILEX MK II enabled Schippel to photograph the enormous dimensions of the halls (reading rooms, exhibition rooms) even under demanding lighting situations through comfortable stitching with the ALPA system. Thus new levels of artistic documentation of buildings were achieved."Since I don't have to cock the shutter, my stitches are cleaner than ever." A. SchippelThe simplicity of operation of the SILEX MK II (release not on the lens but with enhanced functionality on the control unit) was certainly an important part of the successful shooting and smooth operation. It should be particularly emphasized that the SILEX MK II can be rotated over the rosette for horizontal shots, such as into the dome of the City Palace (Stadtschloss), so that the photographer has a comfortable shutter release position with high adaptability.(adaptability)."ALPA produces the perfect tools. I work without delays, my workflow is never interrupted. I can work with unique precision." A. SchippelElbphilharmonie[/en/portfolios/schippel-alexander-elbphilharmonie|Portfolio Elbphilharmonie]

©Alexander Schippel

©Alexander SchippelHumboldt Forum[/en/portfolios/schippel-alexander-humboldt-forum|Portfolio Humboldt Forum]

©Alexander SchippelBerlin State Library[/en/portfolios/schippel-alexander-staatsbibliothek-zu-berlin|Portfolio Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin]

©Alexander Schippel

©Alexander SchippelBerlin State Opera[/en/portfolios/schippel-alexander-staatsoper-unter-den-linden|Portfolio Staatsoper unter den Linden]

©Alexander Schippel

©Alexander SchippelPergamonmuseum[/en/portfolios/schippel-alexander-pergamonmuseum|Portfolio Pergamonmuseum]

©Alexander Schippel

©Ralph Rosenbauer