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René Dürr in Venice


The Zurich based photographer visited the city in Italy several times over the last years to collect these very special moments.

February 23, 2022
René Dürr in Venice
Press Release

René Dürr has been working with his ALPA for quite a while and the last five years, he used his ALPA 12 MAX to work on his new book "Venezia - Silent Magic of the Lagoon City" which was recently published by AS Verlag.

René Dürr's Venice shows a lagoon city, captured in black and white images. During the course of five years (2016-2021) he visited the city in the autumn and winter months to discover Venice in the style of a flaneur. During his forays through the city, photographs were taken that show his exploration of the structure of Venice away from the tourist crowds. There are no people to be seen in the pictures.
The constant building process for centuries that has made Venice the way we see it today, is illustrated by the photos in all of its details. In the preface, the architects Marianne Burkhalter and Christian Sumi show how the morphology of the city has changed over time. With the help of a QR code for each photograph, readers can go directly to the location of the event, to the starting point where the photographs were taken.

ALPA 12 MAX by René Dürr

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