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Reference Class


New design of ALPA's core lenses.

July 23, 2015
Reference Class

Since mid July 2015 ALPA delivers now the complete core line of ALPA/Rodenstock lenses under the brand names HR Alpagon and HR Alpar (brands introduced 2005). This comprehensive line of optics builds up the reference class in high end digital large sensor photography. Therefore the lenses got designated with a gold colored tube ring.This is also a reminiscence to the legendary ALPA Carl Zeiss Biogon 4.5/38 mm. After the first series with Compur 0 shutter (1999 - 2002) the newly calculated optics of the second series featured the gold ring. These two series of Biogon lenses were the only ever made exchangeable 38 mm Biogons.The gold colored ring of the HR Alpagon and HR Alpar lenses replaces also the rather cryptic color coding of Rodenstock (magenta = image circle of 70 mm, cyan = image circle of 90 - 100 mm, yellow = image circle larger than 100 mm).See also... [/en/article/carl-zeiss-biogon-4-538-mm-series-1|ALPA Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 4.5/38 mm, first series]See also... [/en/article/carl-zeiss-biogon-4-538-mm-series-2|ALPA Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 4.5/38 mm, second series]See also... [/en/section/products/|ALPA Product Overview]


The ALPA Carl Zeiss T* 4.5/38 mm Biogon, second series


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