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Reaching the Cape


a (photographic) project by Matteo di Giovanni

September 1, 2015
Reaching the Cape

The brand name ALPA is nowadays mostly associated with impressive technical camera and ALPA is committed to premium quality nature- and landscape photography with its cameras like the XY and MAX. Owing to sensational architecture and landscape images of passionate ALPA photographers, the suitability of other ALPA models as lightweight but yet high-end travel- and reportage cameras wrongly falls behind.However, the very subject ‚Reportage’ is inseparable with the beginnings of the ALPA medium format cameras almost 20 years ago, as the first ALPA photographer was no other person then the famous Magnum photographer Raymond Depardon. And still to this day, ‚the ALPA’ of choice for the ambitious travel photographer often falls onto the traditional WA/SWA or its modern interpretation for the digital era, the TC/STC.One of them is Matteo di Giovanni from Milano, Italy: During his studies in London he already gave the subject of reportage a great deal of attention. But a serious road accident in Serbia during his final thesis left him with an amputated leg and a devastated ambition. But after a long recovery time he is back and ventures out to take on an inspiring restart with his ambitious project ‚Reaching the Cape’. In this very personal project, he will depict how modern medical technology like his high-end prosthesis enable the realisation of personal dreams and goals.Starting his adventure on October 1st 2015, he will be accompanied by an ALPA SWA and the two lenses HELVETAR 48mm and the ALPAGON 70mm. As oftentimes in his projects, Matteo will work again exclusively analogue on classic 120 roll-film in the format 6x7. We are happy to support him in this personal project of his and are excited about the unfolding of his journey, which we will inform you about in an ongoing report.To enable his journey, Matteo launched a Kickstarter campaign:[|Reaching the Cape on Kickstarter]Find more information about his project here:[|]