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ALPA Project Based Solutions: ALPA Focus Stacking


Extreme macro photography with ALPA project based solutions.

July 13, 2017
ALPA Project Based Solutions: ALPA Focus Stacking

With the use of conventional camera systems and macro objectives, only a limited resolution could be achieved. That’s why ALPA developed a special setup for Focus Stacking. It’s a good example for our philosophy to provide solutions for special projects. Ask our specialists if you have a dedicated project.Photographer Bernhard Schurian extensively tested the ALPA solution (ALPA Focus Stacking solution with ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Macro Switar 5.6/105 mm) at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. In addition to the mass digitisation of the collection, he has portrayed particularly interesting and spectacular animals. To document their complexity, Bernhard Schurian needed equipment for macro photography and an optimal workflow.Here some results of his work over the last year and in different stages. Two samples are available as zoomable version (Zoom 1)(Zoom 2) for exploring. The images have been combined from in general some 500 to 700+ single exposures on 100 MP digital backs.For further details see also the detailed news article on [/en/site/when-even-insects-become-huge-macro-photography-with-alpa|When Even Insects Become Huge: Macro Photography With ALPA].It is our philosophy to provide new solutions for special applications. If you are working on an according photographic project, please contact us.

Hym Exaerete

Photograph: ©Bernhard SchurianEumorpha Achemon (Zoom Version)

Photograph: ©Bernhard SchurianDipt Asilidae Microstylum (Zoom Version)

Photograph: ©Bernhard SchurianChoerades Aena

Photograph: ©Bernhard Schurian