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The ALPA Story


A short history of ALPA by Christoph Jehle in German "PhotoKlassik".

December 13, 2018
The ALPA Story

The German magazine "PhotoKlassik", the magazine for current analogue photography, has published the history of the camera brand ALPA in its January issue. In his article, Christoph Jehle describes the history of ALPA since its beginning."The Swiss ALPA cameras were different from the beginning. Even today, the camera system, which now originates from Zurich, is a high-precision tool that enables photographers to optimally realize their ideas of the perfect picture."Read the story as PDF, kindly provided by PhotoKlassik.LINKSThe ALPA Story - PhotoKlassik 1.2019 - PDF German onlyWebsite PhotoKlassik, magazine for current analoque photography