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photo basel 2020 virtual edition


See all the participating galleries in a specially created online viewing room. This year, art fairs are happening in your living room.

June 16, 2020
Alpa Reflex Model 6b
Art Exhibitions

Today is the opening of this years rather special edition of photo basel. due to the circumstances, the group around Audrey Hoareau and Sven Eisenhut decide to enter a new realm and present a virtual edition of the fair using different ways of presenting works in the digital age.We invite you all to browse through the galleries, try to put some pieces on your own walls using augumented reality, or sitting back and listen to one of the many photography talks between Audrey Hoareau and Artists, Curators and basel 2020 virtual edition 17th - 21th of June.

A message from Sven Eisenhut, Director photo basel:

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