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Newsshooter on ALPA and medium format video camera


A video coverage with interview by on the ALPA booth during Photokina 2016.

October 4, 2016
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

When the first rumors came up on CMOS sensor for medium format digital backs and cameras some years ago ALPA asked „And video?“. It was the logical consequence for us that CMOS will sooner or later lead in whatever way to the addition of video capabilities. Furthermore a form of electronic shutter was evident even if our partners were rather hesitant on those topics.As a consequence and in order to be prepared for this potential new offerings ALPA decided already in early 2015 to come up with an Arri PL mount adapter usable on all (!) ALPA cameras allowing even shift and tilt/swing where possible. The universal rail adapter (based on the Nato rail standard) was also added to the arsenal for later use with video gear. With the ALPA SILEX control unit plus the ALPA Electronic Lens Adapter ALPA is prepared for completely new ways of using ALPA equipment in the future.We were very glad to see the announcements on the video topic by Hasselblad earlier this year and were happy to showcase the video capable Sinarback already during Photokina 2016. Soon after the show Phase One added an electronic (rolling) shutter via firmware upgrade to their IQ3 100 DBs.Wo we were very delighted when and Dan Chung payed us a visit during the show and did some coverage. From their news article: „Photokina 2016: The first PL-mounted medium format 4K video camera you can actually buy…from Alpa and Hasselblad. ALPA show PL-mounted medium format camera.“For the video coverage with interview by on the ALPA booth during Photokina 2016 and the link to the article on their website, see below. Have also a look at their website in genearl. Also a subscription to their newsletter is strongly recommended.Website newsshooter.comNews article