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New stitching adapter MAX


Stitching adapter Mk II for ALPA 12 MAX with integrated dove tail.

October 20, 2015
New stitching adapter MAX

In recent years, the dovetail connector has established itself as a 'de facto standard' in the photo world for tripod quick release plates and in the context of UniQ / C initiative has improved the interoperability of components from different manufacturers significantly. Therefore, ALPA is also offering a stitching adapter for ALPA 12 MAX which can be attached without additional tripod plate directly to quick-change plate.As with the previous stitching adapter the exit pupil of the lens remains in a fixed position in both vertical and horizontal displacement. The resulting parallax-free images offer the ideal basis for perfect seamless stitching of individual images. The amount of vertical displacement can be read directly off the stitching adapter. The new stitching adapter with UniQ / C port is now available from all ALPA representatives.For more information see: [|Stitching Adapter Max Mk II]