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The New ALPA Website


Additional information and tips to the functionality of the new site.

May 13, 2015
The New ALPA Website

THE STARTING PAGEHere you find the latest news, an overview to the cameras and most important lenses as well as the 18 most recent photographers we feature plus the 18 most recent portfolios. Just click on the items for the detailed page.When you have set up a user account and are logged in you can add products to your personal short list wherever you see products and the bookmark icon, either fixed or when hovering over the item.The FILTER NAVIGATION gives you a direct access to photographers and products. Set up via SELECT FILTER a temporary selection of content items and relevant photographic results. You can copy the browser command line and send it to friends and they will see your selection.Please use the [/en/signup/|registration page] for setting up your user account. Due to security reasons the accounts of the previous website have not been migrated. You will get notified when your account is ready. The confirmation e-mails are sent out every 10 minutes.


THE NEWSWe divide now all the nows in two categories as ALPA centric news regarding products, the company or know how and the News Ticker on featured photographers and related information. Just click on the link or the image and get the full detail: [/en/section/news/|NEWS]


THE PRODUCTSFind here all the fine ALPA products in an overview. Click on the items for full details or add it to your favorite liste once you have an account and are logged in. The detail page offers descriptions, linked documents and downloads, relevant other products and sample images of the product as well as resulting images where available: [/en/section/products/|PRODUCTS]


THE PHOTOGRAPHERSAll the featured photographers can be found here in alphabetical order. The detail view brings up details to their biography, products in use as well as their portfolios. If you are using ALPA cameras and would like to become part of the website, please apply on the [/en/site/support-ressources|submission form]. For the overview page: [/en/section/photographers/|PHOTOGRAPHERS]


THE PORTFOLIOSHere you find a list of all available portfolios. The newest submission is always on top. Click on the thumbnail and get the portfolio gallery. You open it by clicking and can browse through it with the mouse or arrow keys. We tag all available information in the description as photographer and camera, lens and back used as well as the field of application. All these links will lead you to the specific detail page: [en/section/portfolios/|PORTFOLIOS]


THE FIELDS OF APPLICATIONAn overview of 18 selected fields of application. Click on the thumbnail for details, relevant downloads, recommended products, photographers active in that field as well as up to 300 photographs from this genre: [/en/section/field-of-application/|FIELD OF APPLICATION]


THE RESSOURCESIn CONTACT you can find relevant information if you want to follow us on social media channels, addresses of our dealer network and more. Our content is mainly in English but also German and Chinese is available.Using the SEARCH function you have access to all pages of this site and more.The [/en/login/|LOG IN] allows access to your personal page. Here you find your personal short list and access to additional resources like the ALPA aCam Lens Corrector.Further information about ALPA, imprint, contact page, newsletter subscription and the general terms and conditions can be found in the footer of the page.