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Introducing ALPA Stitching Adapters for the ALPA 12 PLUS


You have the choice

February 5, 2019
Introducing ALPA Stitching Adapters for the ALPA 12 PLUS

When we designed the ALPA 12 PLUS, the comparison with the Swiss cross quickly came up and thus the connection to the home country of the ALPA and the national flag with a white cross on a red background. Since a red camera was always associated with too much attention and imponderables during production - who wants red reflexes in the pictures - we decided to use two different color stitching adapters instead. And so there are two colour variants of the product: classic black and a new dash of red. And since we are introducing the adapters in the week of the Chinese New Year, this fits perfectly too.The Stitching Adapter for the ALPA 12 PLUS is an accessory adapter that allows rise and fall movements The adapter has a built-in, universal, square dovetail adapter to UniQ/C standard for ALPA tripod heads and third-party products. The millimetre laser engraving 20/20 mm allows easy and convenient reading of the high and low adjustment, even behind the camera. The integrated mounting screw (1/4") is designed to be "loss-proof". It is available in black or red - you have the choice.Product Pages[/en/article/stitching-adapter-plus-red|ALPA Stitching Adapter PLUS in red][/en/article/stitching-adapter-plus-black|ALPA Stitching Adapter PLUS in black]