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Introducing ALPA Lens Module Leica R


Legendary 35mm glass comes to life again

February 5, 2019
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

Legendary 35mm glass comes to life again - Leica introduced the R bayonet for the Leicaflex in 1964. At the beginning of March 2009, the production of cameras and lenses for the Leica-R system was discontinued. ALPA now enables R bayonet lens owners to use these characterful lenses in a variety of ways. The lens module can be mounted directly on an ALPA 12 FPS. Its built-in focal-plane shutter opens the way for use with almost any digital back. Together with a 17mm intermediate adapter, the lens module can also be mounted on any classic ALPA 12. In this configuration, the digital back must have an electronic shutter.Leica-R lenses are calculated for use in 35 mm photography (24x36 mm). Depending on the focal length, a larger image circle can also be achieved. The lens module thus enables creative, new applications, since any format conditions within the specified image circle or beyond are possible. This allows the photographer to flexibly and creatively select the crop and aspect ratio.Product Page[/en/article/lens-module-leica-r|ALPA Lens Module Leica R]

Samples by Christoph Greiner: