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Murray Fredericks Presents "Vanity"


The ALPA-photographer's latest work allows unusual insights of Australia's landscape.

May 11, 2017
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

Lake Eyre in Southern Australia often reminds one of a mirror. It’s salty water remains shallow for the most part at most places - walking in it is almost walking on it. In his latest series "Vanity", ALPA-photographer Murray Fredericks picks up these aspects by carefully positioning a mirror into the lake in front of his ALPA camera.The photographs are being displayed at Hamiltons Gallery in London until June 14, 2017.The making-of video is a piece of art on its own and can be watched here:

The 'Vanity' Series from Murray Fredericks on Vimeo.Links[/en/photographers/fredericks-murray|Photographer's Page Murray Fredericks]Website Hamiltons Gallery

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