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Milstein, Jeff - Cruise Ships


Jeffrey Milstein reveals the greatness of cruise ships

March 31, 2015
Milstein, Jeff - Cruise Ships

For those who still can not leave the land - and also for lovers of fine arts - the acclaimed ALPA photographer Jeffrey Milstein presented his latest work he did amazing aerial photos of some of the world's largest cruise ships. The New York photographer spent months above the oceans hanging from a helicopter (without side door), using a high resolution camera to capture the details of ships.The series of Jeffrey Milstein on the ships was recognized with the award in Photography & Illustration Award 2015 , one of the most prestigious awards that the universe of photography grants annually. The complete work with photos printed in large size to highlight all the details will only be on display in Manhattan, of July 09 to the August 22, 2015.Press sources[|Daily Mail - Cities on the sea][|Bild - Alle Augen an Deck!][|The Guardian - Eyewitness: Cruise ships][|Daily Mail - God's eye view]