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Meet ALPA Ambassador Gianluca Federighi in Americana


"If you want to learn more about the use of an ALPA camera and work in different lighting, scenarios and conditions with short and long exposure, meet me for tailored masterclasses either to one-to-one set-ups or to small groups of passionate photographers. " - Gianluca Federighi

March 21, 2024
Meet ALPA Ambassador Gianluca Federighi in Americana

ALPA Ambassador Gianluca Federighi has recently started his project "Americana".

The first phase of his project „Americana" brought ALPA Ambassador Gianluca Federighi to New York City.

Gianluca Federighi with his ALPA 12 Pano in New York City

He discovered his unique style in photography and he uses several techniques in photography to create minimalist and dreamy landscapes and cityscapes.


In April 2024 Gianluca Federighi starts the second phase of his Americana Now, the second phase starts this April that brings Gianluca to the Southwest US states of California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

Since I bought my first ALPA some years ago, I realized how different is to work with this amazing tool and how great are its capabilities, for this reason I'll entirely use it for this project.

Join Gianluca Federighi on the next phase of his project AMERICANA

Gianluca Federighi about the project: 
"in the next phase of my project I will focus my attention on the Southwest territories thus to catch the spirit, the essence, and the greatness of this wonderful land.
I will be looking for different views and using varying techniques, all the while being supported by my prodigious ALPA camera. While on tour, I offer tailored masterclasses either to one-to-one set-ups or to small groups of passionate photographers. Learn how to put your hands on ALPA camera, to work in different lighting and scenario conditions with short and long exposures. Or master the use of neutral density (ND) and graduated neutral density (GND) filters. All shall be arranged on an individual basis to cater for your specific needs and requirements.
This April, I will start my journey from Los Angeles. On my way until end of April, you may want to meet me: no matter where, when or for how long, I shall be available to share my experience.
Curious to learn more about project AMERICANA or join the artist? Then do not hesitate to approach Gianluca directly by email

Or follow him on Instagram: ©winonafender_gianlucafederighi

About Gianluca Federighi

Gianluca was born and raised in Tuscany Italy. In 2010 after developing a passion for photography and visual processing decided to work independently focusing on the beauty of the nature. It was the beginning of a significant visual journey and the creations of minimalist and dreaming Landscape images. His artistic successes have make possible he won numerous International Competition and his works are collected all over the world. He is launching „Winonafender“ his own Studio and is working on several long term projects with his panoramic ALPA camera for large scale fine art print!

If you want to take the opportunity to meet Gianluca Federighi while he works for his project AMERICANA, send an email to