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MAXimise Your Existing MAX


Trade-in/Upgrade offer for actual customers.

April 13, 2019
MAXimise Your Existing MAX

ALPA cameras are designed for durability and reliability. Planned obsolescence is a no-no for ALPA. Unsurprisingly, the ALPA 12 MAX has been the tool of choice for demanding architectural and landscape photographers for years. ALPA introduced the MAX Mk I with its classic silver shift wheels in 2008 and established the fast, comfortable adjustment for shift and stitching with digital backs. ALPA now announces to its loyal MAX Mk I owners a trade-in offer for a brand new MAX Mk II body with lockable shift wheels at a special price. Besides, owners of a MAX Mk I or Mk II can also upgrade at a special price to the ALPA 12 PLUS introduced last year. The PLUS features extended and geared movements for vertical and horizontal shift. The latter option is primarily aimed at photographers with digital backs, as the ALPA 12 MAX Mk II is still the optimal choice for analogue use with roll film backs. New customers will still be able to purchase the ALPA 12 MAX Mk II.TRADE-IN OFFER ALPA 12 MAX MK I TO MK IIThe trade-in price for the return of an ALPA 12 MAX Mk I is CHF 3,880. Based on the regular list price of CHF 5,998 this corresponds to an exchange discount of 35%. The customer exchanges only the camera body. Existing accessories like hand-grips, shift scale sticks and stitching adapters can be re-used with the MAX Mk II.[/en/article/alpa-12-max-mk-i-trade-in-to-mk-ii|Product Page]UPGRADE OFFER FOR ALPA 12 MAX MK I and MK II TO ALPA 12 PLUSThe upgrade price for the return of an ALPA 12 MAX Mk I or Mk II is CHF 5,230. Based on the regular list price of CHF 6,998 this corresponds to an upgrade discount of 25%. The customer only needs to hand in the old body. Please note, existing hand-grips and stitching adapters are not fully compatible.[/en/article/alpa-12-max-mk-i-or-mk-ii-trade-in-to-plus|Product Page]Both offers are valid until 30 June 2019. All prices in CHF net, ex works Switzerland available from ALPA country representatives and ALPA in Zurich.