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Into the Wild with ALPA and Land Rover


The misty Island of Skye was the scenery for the shooting of the new Land Rover Discovery. With his ALPA camera, photographer Julian Calverley captured both.

August 15, 2017
Into the Wild with ALPA and Land Rover

With Land Rover and ALPA, photographer Julian Calverley has brought together two outstanding tools for one of his latest projects. Back in January, Calverley spent a week on the Isle of Skye to shoot the all-new Land Rover Discovery 5. The pictures he captured with his ALPA have appeared in a 12-page article entitled "Chasing Shadows" in Land Rover's "OneLife" magazine.Apart from his camera and the car, the weather was another faithful companion to the photographer. "We had a week of suitably wet and wild weather, which of course added realism and drama to the imagery", he writes. "With the added bonus that the Discovery’s colour, Namib Orange, perfectly complemented the brooding grey skies and rich warm colours of the Scottish winter landscape."The article in OneLife tells the story of Calverley's time with the car. It also reflects his thoughts on landscape photography as well as the equipment and documents a part of his journey around the island, "one that I’ve come to know and love so well", he writes.Take a look behind the scenes with the video about the project:Julian Calverley for Land Rover: The All-New DiscoveryLinksPhotographer's Page Julian Calverley[|Julian Calverley online]

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