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The iPhone as a Professional Photographic Tool


With the iPhone as a viewfinder and a multimedia notepad, post-processing of images can be ideally managed.

March 28, 2018
The iPhone as a Professional Photographic Tool

For many photographers the post-processing of the pictures is connected with unpleasant expenditure. Smartphones such as the iPhone are one way to simplify the workflow considerably.Centralized on the cloudALPA has been offering holders for years with which the iPhone can be mounted on the camera and used as a photographic tool. ALPA-Photographer Goran Potkonjak not only uses his smartphone as a viewfinder to determine the image section, but also uses the device as a multi-media notepad. Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes Store, but Potkonjak uses the application that is installed by default on the iPhone. "It allows me to save my remarks and impressions from the shooting and save them immediately on the cloud. I can access the data with my iPhone and my desktop computer and retrieve them at any time," says Potkonjak. "This networking makes my work noticeably easier."

Setup with ALPA 12 MAX and iPhone. © Goran PotkonjakeFinder App updatedThe holder is available for iPhone versions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The holders for version 10 are in work and will be available soon. A matching wide-angle converter is included in the delivery and also available separately. To use the iPhone as a viewfinder, the eFinder II app is mandatory. The latest version 5.2.1 is available in the iTunes Store.Links[/en/article/alpa-efinder-app|ALPA eFinder II App][/en/article/sdh-mk-ii-with-wide-angle-converter|ALPA iPhone Holder][/en/article/acam-wide-angle-converter|ALPA aCam Wide Angle Converter]