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Introducing the A-Series 100 MP


Making-of video and images from testing the pre-series IQ3 100 MP and the ALPA 12 TC / A-Series at Zermatt / Valais

February 2, 2016
Alpa Reflex Model 6b

The A-series IQ3 100MP joins existing Phase One A-series models (the A-series IQ3 50MP, A-series IQ3 60MP and A-series IQ3 80MP) offering both the precision integration with the Alpa platform and complete compatibility with the Phase One XF camera system.Based on the ALPA 12 TC mirrorless camera body, all specially calibrated Phase One medium format IQ3 A-series digital backs offer unprecedented quality and integration. Each model comes with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. Two optional lenses are available, including the ultra-wide 23mm, and the all-round 70mm, ALPA HR Alpagon – both offering perfect edge-to-edge sharpness and the ability to resolve full frame medium format sensors.Exclusive to the Phase One A-series system are factory configured in-camera lens calibrations (FLC), making the need to create and apply color cast correction profiles (LCCs) optional. One can simply attach an A-series lens and start shooting.Mid December 2015 we had the opportunity to run a test for producing test images as well as a making-of together with Scanderbeg Sauer Photography in Zermatt and the Valais. We would like to share the official making-of video as well as some of the stunnig results gathered in these two days. The Grand Dixence power plant in the western part of Switzerland is one of the largest hydroelectric power plant and systems today.Photographers Page: [/en/photographers/scanderbeg-sauer-photography|Scanderbeg Sauer Photography]Portfolio Page: [/en/portfolios/scanderbeg-sauer-a-series-100-mp|Test Drive A-Series 100 MP in December 2015]Official Page/Web Ressource: [|Grand Dixence Hydroelectrical Power Plant]Making-Of Videos

ALPA Testing Phase One / ALPA A-Series IQ3 100 MP from ALPA of Switzerland on Vimeo.Pump Accumulator Station - Lake Zmutt

©Scanderbeg Sauer Photography

©Scanderbeg Sauer PhotographyPump Accumulator Station - Access Tunnel Zmutt

©Scanderbeg Sauer PhotographyPower Station Biedron / Grand Dixence

©Scanderbeg Sauer Photography

©Scanderbeg Sauer Photography