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Hackaton in Berlin - Great success for ETH Zurich and ALPA


Two teams from ETH Zurich and ALPA convince at Hackathon in Berlin

December 12, 2018
Hackaton in Berlin - Great success for ETH Zurich and ALPA

ALPA has been working intensively with the Product Development Group of ETH Zurich (pd|z) for over two years to offer its customers exciting new 3D printed products. Since the middle of this year, this successful cooperation has been further intensified by an ongoing Innosuisse project. At the Hackathon (a kind of programming competition) "Hack the Mass Customization", organised jointly by TRINCKLE and ULTRAHACK, two teams convinced in every aspect:The group around Manuel Biedermann, Ihno Fehrendt, David Ochsner and Harry Woodfin developed a concept that allows the users of ALPA (video) cameras to configure handles / handgrips based on their individual requirements for features and especially handgrip sizes. This can be entirely done in the web browser without any CAD or 3D printing knowledge. The implementation of this challenging concept was awarded 3rd place by the jury of international experts.A second team around Daniel Omidvarkarjan, Tilman Bohn and Daniele Cipriano set themselves the goal to give the owners of ALPA lenses the possibility to individually design the corresponding covers, e.g. to make different lenses in the photo case more distinguishable by different coloured and individually labelled covers. Besides, functional and aesthetic add-ons such as belt holders, QR codes for identifying the covers and logos can be added with a mouse click. The team was awarded 1st place for their product idea.The excellent performance of the two teams impressively demonstrates how ALPA combines precision mechanics and Swiss craftsmanship with innovative concepts and new technologies.Congratulations to everybody involved!LINKSWebsite EIT DigitalFirst paramate hackathon: #GoLiveOnMondayWebsite ultrahack.orgWebsite TrinckleWebsite ETH pd|zMore pictures, see...EIT Digital DeepHack - Berlin 2018The Winning Teams (ETH/ALPA 4th to 10th from the left)