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Firmware 5.10 - Long Time Exposure


Firmware upgrade 5.10 - ALPA products are always a sustainable investment.

June 10, 2019
Firmware 5.10 - Long Time Exposure

The new version of the firmware for the ALPA 12 FPS and ALPA Silex Mk II offers new long time exposure mode besides constant improvements...Long-term exposure: The exposure times and f-stops are strictly stable and therefore double or halve per EV step. Even with smaller step widths, they strictly followed the EV logic. The longest directly selectable exposure time is 128 seconds.At the customer's request, we have now installed a special long-time exposure function. This is selected in the bracketing menu and, like the other modes, switched on/off by pressing the right arrow key for a long time.The long-time exposure function allows to preselect the exposure time from 1/10 second up to 69 minutes, 59 seconds, 9 tenths of a second. The requested time is efficiently set per digit.Multiple Exposure: The multiple exposure now also works perfectly with ALPA Silex Mk II.Sync Programs: We have again optimized the synchronous programs, especially for the IQ4 digital backs. Please delete all old sync programs and replace them with the new versions.Upgrade: In addition to the upgrade instructions, we have also created animated videos (see below).LINK Unified Download Site - Load Firmware 5.10

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