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Firmware 5.01 - Control at your fingertip


Firmware upgrade 5.01 - ALPA products are always a sustainable investment.

November 7, 2018
Firmware 5.01 - Control at your fingertip

Always up-to-date! ALPA products are a sustainable investment. Even six years after the introduction of the ALPA 12 FPS, we continue to maintain the firmware for even more productivity. Now, we have just completed the reassignment of the keys, and with the latest firmware, 5.01 FPS and Silex are far more efficient and productive than ever. With a short press of a button, you operate the aperture and shutter now even faster. A long press of the arrow right key and the preset bracketing is activated or deactivated. And with the introduction of "LCC OFFSET", we go one step further, and the production of LCC calibrations becomes effortless. One long press on the arrow left button, and it is instantly available. And it becomes preset for the next one. After all, even the very latest generation of backs will benefit from LCC/white image corrections and continue to place photography with the ALPA platform in the premium class. LINK Unified Download Site - Load Firmware 5.01