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FAQ ALPA and X-Shutter


We receive a lot of questions regarding the newly implemented X-Shutter and the use with ALPA equipment. We put together a short FAQ and hope we can answer some of your questions.

September 23, 2021
FAQ ALPA and X-Shutter
Photographic Know-How

ALPA has started to deliver the trusty ALPA Rodenstock lenses with X-Shutter. We are also able to convert former ALPA- Copal 0 and Aperture Unit lenses to X-Shutter.



For a general overview on the technical aspects of the X-Shutter we have put together a comparison between X-Shutter, Copal 0 shutter (*discontinued) and the ALPA Aperture Unit:



Find below the most frequent question in terms of working with the X-Shutter. Can't find the information you are looking for? Send us a message.



Q: I have ALPA lenses with Copal 0 Shutters. Where can I order X-Shutters to exchange the Copal 0 shutters by myself.


A: Today's high-performance optics are not designed to exchange shutters freely. For a conversion to X-Shutter, your lenses need to be sent-in to ALPA. For a conversion, the lens gets disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and the X-Shutter will be mounted. The lens will then be checked and adjusted with a sophisticated MTF measuring unit to ensure the highest possible image quality.Most of these works are carried out in a clean room environment. You will get back a squeaky clean, as-good-as-new lens with a brand new X-Shutter. Your ALPA dealer will gladly take care of the shipment and customs declaration for the shipment to ALPA. You can obtain a list of worldwide ALPA dealer here:


Q: I’m using a Rodenstock lens on my other large format- or technical camera with identical aperture and focal length values of an ALPA-Rodenstock lens I have seen on the web. Can I use this lens with X-Shutter on my ALPA camera?


A: If your lens in any mount, or even only front and rear element with or without any typeof shutter and helical was or is part of the ALPA product line, can be convert to an ALPA lens with X-Shutter. If you are not sure, you can register your lens in our support form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Some close-up images of your lens will help us to identify. You can also take your lens to your ALPA-dealer.

ALPA 12 SWA with Rodenstock / ALPA HR Alpagon 4.0/32mm SB17 in X-Shutter


Q: I have an older ALPA Schneider lens which I still use a lot. Can I convert this lens to X-Shutter?


A: Most discontinued ALPA Schneider lens can be converted to X-Shutter. There are however some exotic lenses, i.E. the Schneider APO-Digitar 5.6/24 mm, where a conversion to X-Shutter is not possible. To learn more, please register can register your lens in our support form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.Some close-up images of your lens will help us to identify. You can also take your lens to your ALPA-dealer.


Q: I’m totally fine with setting shutter speed, aperture and more for the X-Shutter on theIQ4-150 screen. When it comes to trigger the image on my ALPA, I do not want to touch the back or camera. I have a cable release from ALPA, however, the plug on the IQ is now occupied by the X-Shutter connection cable.


A: We are planning to announce a new cable release with probably some additional functions, apart from triggering the camera, soon. In the meantime, were commend that you remote control the IQ4-150 with your iOS device and the app Cascable. The app allows you to fully remote control the IQ4-150 via direct WiFi connection. Cascable triggers the camera without noticeable delay and offers a ton of other features in addition, including a secure and fast connection with a tethered Ethernet cable to your iOS device. To learn more, download the Cascable manual.


Q: The technical data claims that the fastest shutter speed of the X-Shutter is1/1000s. Sometimes, I need faster shutter speeds. Is this possible?


A: Thanks to the Electronic Shutter, shutter speeds of up to 1/4000s are possible. If you choose a shutter speed above 1/1000s, the X-Shutter will automatically open its blades and the IQ4-150 will use the built-in electronic shutter. Note that rolling shutter effects may apply and using flash is limited.

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