The ALPA Log


September 30, 2018

My Name is Bruno and I work at ALPA since November 2016. I take care of the website, yes this one, the social media and I am doing all the product / inhouse photography for ALPA.Before I started to work at ALPA my go to camera was the Mamiya 7II, I fell in love with medium format photography a few years ago after pursuing small format (contax/leica) for the last 10 years.The opportunity to start working with simply the best equipment and besides beeing drawn to new development in the digital field, I mostly worked with digital medium format for the last 2 years.Looking at the new Phase One IQ4 150MP got me thinking. Well and also my exhausted iMac at home, which I think is slightly disliking me more everytime I work on new and even larger files.There is still this great love for film photography, and now I want to set out and get as confident with the ALPA on film as I am with my Mamyia.In the September 2018, I took a break from work, to get away from everything digital for a while. I am online 24/7 and so after a busy summer, I felt the need to go offline for a while. The question came up, if a Digital Detox is possible why still working with Digital Photography, and so it became clear, I want / need to work analog with medium format film, to get away from all this digitality.I choose the ALPA 12 STC as my camera, and I brought mx favourite Lens the RODENSTOCK / ALPA HR ALPAGON 5.6/70 MM, SB17 and a HR ALPAGON 4.0/40 MM SB17 as a second lens.