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The dimensions of world trade


New Portfolio by Herbert Böttcher

September 16, 2015
The dimensions of world trade

Although we get in touch daily with tons of articles and products that are globally traded, it is hard to imagine the global flows of these goods: their dimensions are just beyond the limits of our imagination.A first idea of the vast extent of international trade can be given at least by the gigantic container ships whose lines form the lifelines of of commodity economy.The images of ALPA photographer Herbert Böttcher reveal to the viewer the sheer size, but also the monumentality and hidden beauty of container giants. He portrays them not from land but from aboard. In the pure and sculptural, almost cubist-striking aesthetics of his pictures the steel giants seem to rest immovable and static, while the waves roar around them and the country pases them by.The characteristic visual language of Herbert Böttcher for his project Seamotion makes the highest demands on the performance of the recording material: his very graphic images require, when working on deck, wide angle perspectives with outstanding resolution and clarity out to the image corners. Therefore, choosing an ALPA 12 TC with HR Alpagon 23mm and the digital back Phase One P45 + (40 megapixel) was the choice for this project.Portfolio Seamotion: [|Images of the Seamotion series]Website: [|Herbert Böttcher online]Artikel bei Heise Online [|]