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"New Silk Road" by Davide Monteleone


The Belt and Road Initiative bundles traffic between China, Asia, Europe and Africa. Davide Monteleone's photographic series "New Silk Road" looks at the project from various angles.

March 6, 2018
"New Silk Road" by Davide Monteleone

Two gigantic trade routes build the New Silk Road, pulling through north and south of China.Once finished, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritim Silk Road will connect China with wide Parts of Asia as well as Europe and Africa. The New Silk Road costs about 1,1 Trillion US-Dollars and assumes the cooperation fo 65 countries, but numbers are only one side of the story.Photographer Davide Monteleone took a closer look last fall while travelling from southeastern China to one of the world's largest dry ports in Khorgos and to the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The images document the roads, rails, bridges and other infrastructure buildings of the project as well as the inhabitants and their way of live. According to the photographer, the local people he talked to were more busy with their own everyday challenges than to think about the large scale project. Davide has shot all the following images of the series with his ALPA 12 TC camera.Links[/en/portfolios/monteleone-davide-new-silk-road|Portfolio New Silk Road][/en/photographers/monteleone-davide|Photographers page Davide Monteleone][/en/artikel/alpa-12-tc|ALPA 12 TC]